Free Parenting Tips & Resources

In this section, you will find free downloadable parenting tip sheets. Written by Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson, these research-based resources have been developed for:

  • Parents of young children wishing to read, save, print or share these useful parenting tips;
  • Childcare centres and early years educators wishing to print and provide these tips to parents; The printable tip sheets also make perfect newsletter inserts.

These tip sheets link with the National Quality Standards: Quality Areas 2, 5 and 6 and the Early Years Learning Framework: Principles: 1, 2 3, and 5 and Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 4 and 5.

Sharing these with parents to aid collaboration also links with the NQS Quality Area 6 and Domains 3 and 7 of the Australian Teachers Professional Standard.

Simply click on the PDF link beside the topic title to download the printable PDF handout.

Emotional Literacy Picture Book

“Research tells us that when children learn to recognise, communicate and manage their feelings, they tend to have fewer relationship and behavioural difficulties as well as improved success at school.

This book provides a wonderful starting point when teaching young children about feelings. Not only will they begin to learn the words to express their emotions but by teaching children to recognise these feelings in others, we can sow the seeds for empathy and compassion.”

Dr Kaylene Henderson


 I Can See My Feelings Parenting Picture Book Sample.

“I Can See My Feelings” is a simple picture book created by Dr Kaylene Henderson to teach young children about their feelings.
You can freely download and view this book on your electronic device. Or, you can print these pages to use at home with your little ones as you teach them about their feelings. Childcare professionals and early childhood teachers are also welcome to download and print this popular emotional literacy teaching resource.

For many more helpful parenting tips and articles, visit Dr Kaylene Henderson’s blog.

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Here you can watch Dr Kaylene Henderson discuss a range of helpful topics for parents and educators. These topics are all covered in more detail in her ‘Raising Good Kids’ online courses – click here for more details

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If you would like to suggest a video topic, you are welcome to contact Dr Kaylene Henderson.