Announcing an exciting new webinar series for early years educators!

These webinars provide a wonderful opportunity for educators to learn from and ask questions of Dr Kaylene Henderson.


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Parenting Blog: Separation Anxiety

Series 1: Teaching Young Children To Identify and Manage Their Feelings in Early Education and Care Settings (filmed webinar)

In this informative and engaging session, adapted from the acclaimed ‘Raising Good Kids’ online course series and presented by Dr Kaylene Henderson, you will learn how to promote early emotional literacy among the children in your care. You will also learn about how children develop the capacity to regulate their feelings and how best to promote this development. Importantly, you will also learn the most effective approach to take when children are feeling upset, experiencing separation distress or experiencing a ‘meltdown’. Don’t miss this practical session for educators working with 0-5’s.

When: Access this filmed webinar anytime!
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $38.50
Includes: Printable handout, Written Q&A responses, Certificate of completion
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Series 2: Promoting Attachment Security, Fostering Wellbeing and Enhancing Developmental Outcomes in ECEC Settings (filmed webinar)

In this informative session presented by Dr Kaylene Henderson, we explore children’s needs within their relationships and interactions with us. In particular, you will learn ways to interact with children to promote a secure attachment style. While we know that a secure attachment style promotes best outcomes for children, how commonly does this occur? How can we better support children and also their parents in order to promote this? Finally, building on this foundation, we will look at other factors that influence children’s development and at how you can best teach and support children within ECEC settings to enhance their developmental outcomes.

When: Access this filmed webinar anytime!
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $38.50
Includes: Printable handout, Certificate of completion
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Series 3: Understanding Anxiety and Emotional Resilience

Join trusted Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson as she teaches you all you need to know about anxiety in young children. Learn about how and why anxiety presents in children, when to ‘worry about worry’ and how you can help the children in your care. Learn practical skills and strategies for helping children and parents manage separation anxiety and ways to foster greater resilience and enhanced school readiness. This is a not-to-be-missed session!

When: Tuesday 24th October 2017; 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Cost: $35
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