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Now you can book a chat with Dr Kaylene Henderson!

This option is for parents looking for friendly guidance on issues relating to their children (but who don’t have a child psychiatrist or parenting expert among their group of friends that they can call). Kindly note that these chats do not constitute medical appointments, nor can advice be given in relation to diagnosis or medication since Dr Henderson will simply be chatting with you (not assessing your child).

These 20 and 50 minute sessions aim to help parents who are seeking reassurance, guidance and/or practical strategies to help their child. It’s also for parents whose children are on the waiting list to see a health professional; sometimes it helps to have a few extra strategies to try or resources to check out while you wait. If you think this might just be what you’re after, please add your details below and Dr Henderson’s team will be in touch via email with further details.


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