Little Children Big Dreams

Printable Stories for Children’s Night Fears

These personalized, printable stories, developed by Dr Kaylene Henderson available on the Little Children Big Dreams website

dark_shadows_cover_smallThe Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Dark Shadows

This 8 page story is perfect for young children who have a fear of the dark. While it has been thoughtfully developed based on cognitive-behavioural, narrative and art therapy principles, you and your child will delight in the story’s simplicity and playfulness.

Just by adding a few details about your child (including first name, gender, town/suburb) you can print this personalized story in which they’re the star. The accompanying parent guide will then explain how to encourage your child to illustrate each page for added therapeutic benefit and faster results. Such a simple yet effective tool to help children who are afraid of the dark to overcome their fear!

monster_story_cover_smallThe Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Monster

This 6 page story is ideal for younger children, aged 2-5 who experience monster dreams and/or a fear of monsters. It has also been developed based on cognitive-behavioural, narrative and art therapeutic principles but your little one will simply marvel at this fun tale of bravery starring themselves! Once they’ve added their own illustrations, your child will want to read and re-read this wonderful story as they learn to conquer their fear of monsters.
If your child is struggling with their bedtime fears, it might also help you to read Dr Kaylene Henderson’s advice in her article,‘Battling Bedtime Monsters