Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you’ll find many frequently asked questions about Dr Kaylene Henderson’s courses, upcoming events and other services.

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, you’re welcome to contact Dr Kaylene Henderson directly.


Once you have registered for your course, the content will be available for as long as it takes you to complete your course. There is no time limit.

You are able to regain access to your course once it has been completed to re-watch videos or re-take quizzes but you will only receive one certificate of completion.

At the start of each module, make sure you download and print the handouts which summarise the key points. You will then be able to keep these course handouts for future reference.

Once you’ve registered for your Raising Good Kids courses, you have three years to complete them, allowing plenty of time to finish them, stopping and starting as many times as you need.

You are welcome to watch the Raising Good Kids online course with your partner. Having a shared knowledge and consistent approach will certainly benefit your child. Please note, though, that only the registered course participant will receive a final certificate. If you both need certificates, you will each need to register for the course.

Absolutely. The Raising Good Kids course for professionals has been specifically developed for early childhood professionals and educators. The course also includes lots of examples in childcare and preschool settings. You will also receive handouts with key teachings, interactive quizzes, and course completion certificates.

For professionals working directly with parents, rather than children, the parent version might be more helpful. The parent course still provides key teaching handouts, quizzes, and course completion certificates.

Yes. It links with the National Quality Standards (NQS) Quality Areas 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. It also links with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

All registered participants will receive a final completion certificate. They can use this for professional development purposes.

When services register for the series, they will also receive a discount code for the parenting course to share with parents. This is provided to encourage greater collaboration and a shared knowledge between centre staff and their parent communities (Quality Area 6).

Yes, it links with the Australian Teachers Professional Standard – Domains 1, 3, 4 and 6.

All registered participants receive a course completion certificate which can be used for professional development purposes.

When facilities register for the series, they will also receive a discount code for the parenting course to share with parents. This is provided to encourage greater collaboration and a shared knowledge between centre staff and their parent communities (Domain 7 in the Australia Teachers Professional Standard).

The professionals’ course series has been mapped to two units in both the Certificate III and Diploma early childhood qualifications. Recognising the high quality and practical application of this course content, some registered training organisations (RTO’s) have included this course series in their curriculum. If you would like to find out which RTO’s have partnered with Dr Kaylene Henderson to provide this course series, you are welcome to enquire using this contact form.

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No. If you are a centre registering for the professional course, you can register up to 12 participants. Each of these 12 professionals can then complete the course in their own time and on their own devices.

Yes. Once you have completed each of the courses you will be able to download and print a completion certificate. If you are completing the courses as a professional, you can then use this certificate as evidence of professional development.

You can access your certificate of completion from the course itself. Once you have completed all quizzes and marked all modules as complete, the certificate links will be available at the bottom of the module list.

For the full list of topics covered in both versions of the Raising Good Kids online course series, please refer to the courses page for parents or professionals.

Yes. You can watch a preview for each of the course series on the courses page which uses the same visual format as the online course videos.

Each of the course videos are viewable on all computers, iPads and similar devices. However, you will need access to a computer and printer if you’d like to save and print handouts and certificates.

Yes. If you register for the full course series upfront, then you can access the ‘3 for 2’ discount. To access this discount, go to the Courses Page.

There are many ways to access a discounted registration rate:

‘3 for 2’ Discounted Course Package:

If you register for a full course series upfront, you will receive the ‘3 for 2’ package discount. This represents a saving of $349 for early childhood centres and $99 for parents and professionals.

The ‘Share the Knowledge’ Discount:

When parents register for the full course series, they will receive a discount code. This code entitles their child’s childcare or education service providers to a 5% discount when they register for the professional course series.

Similarly, when daycare centres or preschools register for the full professional course series, they will receive a discount code. This code entitles parents at their service to a 5% discount when they register for the parent course series.

The aim is to encourage a shared understanding of the course content, ultimately benefiting the young children for whom we all care.

Please note: Professionals registering individually do not receive a discount code to pass on to parents.

Multiple Centre Discounts:

Finally, if you are a centre or service who would like to order 15 or more course series registrations, you will be entitled to a massive 70% discount. Registrations can be purchased in any number greater than 15 at the reduced rate of $58.15. Please use the contact form to request an invoice.

Once you have registered and paid, you will have access to the course content. Unfortunately, this means that refunds are unavailable. Should you have any concerns with the courses, your feedback is gratefully received.

Yes. General demographic data such as your age and that of your children may be used in research assessing course effectiveness. However, any information that may identify you or your child/ren will never be used or passed on.

Yes. Technical support for the online courses is available. Simply email and one of our support team will get back to you promptly.

Yes. The online course series is available to everyone and is accessible anywhere. At checkout you will be charged in Australian dollars. Your bank or financial institution may also charge a currency conversion fee.

Licensing agreements are currently being developed. This will allow international early years consultants to use the course content in training. This behaviour and emotional management training material was developed by a Child Psychiatrist. By licensing this affordable material, you will ensure that the education you provide is well-informed, research-based and in-demand. Please contact Dr Kaylene Henderson directly to find out more.

If you’re playing through the videos on the course series and you experience slow or intermittent playback don’t panic. This can sometimes happen at peak times of internet usage or if your internet connection is experiencing a slow download rate. If you are having these problems, just hit the HD button down in the bottom right of the video player and it will automatically reduce the video quality slightly to keep the video playback continue without the need to buffer.

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The Little Children Big Dreams stories have been written by Dr Kaylene Henderson for children who are afraid of the dark or monsters. Parents can personalise one of these playful therapeutic stories using their child’s name and details. Then, they can download and print the book. Each story is also accompanied by a parent guide and child certificate. They are available through the Little Children Big Dreams website:


By registering your email address in the side panel, you’ll also receive updates about upcoming events.

If you would like to register your interest, you are welcome to get in touch. Simply provide your name, best email contact and the details of the course you are interested in attending and you will be notified when it is scheduled.

By registering your email address in the side panel, you’ll also receive updates about upcoming events.

Dr Kaylene Henderson is highly qualified child health specialist who is also a popular, warm and engaging speaker. Dr Henderson welcomes invitations to present at conferences or workshops. She has been fortunate to have presented many parent courses, as well as professional workshops at Early Childhood Care and Education sector conferences. If you would like Dr Henderson to present at your next event, complete the contact form with your invitation and be sure to include your best contact details.


You are welcome to download, print, copy and distribute the popular tip sheets found on the Free Resources Page.

Some childcare and education facilities like to include printed copies in their parent newsletters. Others like to have them on hand to provide to parents individually. Other services prefer to copy and paste the text format for inclusion in electronic correspondences/ newsletters to parents. Each of these uses is permissible, on the condition that no change is made to the content. This includes credit to the author along with reference to her courses and website address.

Printed publications are welcome to contact Dr Kaylene Henderson to seek permission to reprint her blog articles. Simply use the contact form and your message will be forward to Dr Henderson. If permission is granted, full acknowledgement of authorship through an author bio and website link is expected.

Reproducing online or otherwise hosting any of these articles electronically is not permissible.


Unfortunately Dr Kaylene Henderson is not currently seeing new patients. If you have concerns about your child, please speak with your doctor or child health specialist for a referral to meet your needs.


For several reasons, it is not possible for Dr Kaylene Henderson to provide individual health care advice. Please speak with your family doctor or child health specialist if you have concerns about your child. Emails or other correspondence seeking individual medical or parenting advice will not be read or provided with a response.

For technical assistance, simply email and one of our support team will get back to you promptly.

If you work with or represent a media outlet, you are welcome to use the contact form on this website and your email will be forwarded to Dr Kaylene Henderson.