Welcome to My Parenting Blog

While it would be ideal to seek advice from a Child Psychiatrist when we have concerns for young children or questions about how to parent them, this is rarely practical or affordable.

Aware of this (and equally aware of the vast amount of misinformation provided to parents in google-land), I decided to start this parenting blog (and my Facebook Page) as a way of providing parents and early childhood professionals with free, accessible, up-to-date information.

Here you’ll find articles which cover a range of topics relating to parenting, behaviour management and child psychiatry which I’ll add to over time. You’re welcome to read and share these – I hope you find them to be helpful.

I’m always grateful for your feedback about whether you find these articles to be useful as that’s what this is all about – providing help for parents and professionals who can then best help young children.

Thank you for investing this time in your little ones,

Dr Kaylene Henderson