Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviour and Emotions in 0-5’s


“What’s the best way to handle the meltdowns and tantrums?”
“How can I help my kids to get along better with each other?”
“What’s the most effective way to discipline my child?”
“How can I be a more calm and confident parent?”

We’ve all asked ourselves these questions as a parents. To help meet the need for an ‘instruction manual’ for parents of babies and young children, Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson has developed the acclaimed online course series, ‘Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviours and Emotions in 0-5’s’.

This research-based yet practical course will teach you how to be a more calm and confident parent, how to foster a close bond with and between your children, manage your young children’s challenging behaviours and promote social and emotional skills that will even help your kids at school and all throughout their lives.

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