Free Parenting Tips & Resources

In this section, you will find free downloadable parenting tip sheets. Written by Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson, these research-based resources have been developed for:

  • Parents of young children wishing to read, save, print or share these useful parenting tips;
  • Childcare centres and early years educators wishing to print and provide these tips to parents; The printable tip sheets also make perfect newsletter inserts.

These tip sheets link with the National Quality Standards: Quality Areas 2, 5 and 6 and the Early Years Learning Framework: Principles: 1, 2 3, and 5 and Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 4 and 5.

Sharing these with parents to aid collaboration also links with the NQS Quality Area 6 and Domains 3 and 7 of the Australian Teachers Professional Standard.

Simply click on the PDF link beside the topic title to download the printable PDF handout.


Here you can watch Dr Kaylene Henderson discuss a range of helpful topics for parents and educators. These topics are all covered in more detail in her ‘Raising Good Kids’ online courses – click here for more details

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Anxiety in Children:
Teaching Young Children About Their Emotions – a Mat Time conversation with the team at Storypark:
Content vs Process Praise:
Procedural Memory:
 Managing Transitions:

If you would like to suggest a video topic, you are welcome to contact Dr Kaylene Henderson.