They say it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child. On this page, you’ll find links to the people and organisations in my ‘village’ as I’m sure they’d love to help you in your important role too. . .

OCD: Anxious Toddlers to Teens

Natasha Daniel is a US-based Child Therapist who is passionate about helping children with anxiety and in particular, those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

She has some wonderful resources, including a You tube channel, podcasts and some great online courses (including a free ‘mini-class’ on the topic of childhood OCD).

Head HERE to find out more.

‘Calming our Children and Calming our Homes’, with Maggie Dent

I was delighted to have contributed to this popular online course, which includes 6 self paced sessions featuring Maggie Dent and a range of other wonderful experts (like me!).

If you are a parent of young children and would like to bring more calmness into your life and into your home, you can find out more about this great resource HERE.

’Getting Ready for Big School’, with Maggie Dent

The day you send your little ones to ‘big’ school is a HUGE deal for any parent.

In this special masterclass, I team up with Maggie Dent to equip parents with some essential tools in getting their kids ready to start school and to do well when they get there.

The content will be useful for anyone whose child may be aged 3–5, whether you’re just starting to think about when they’ll be ready for school or whether they might be starting in a few weeks or months and you want to help them transition.

This event ran in October 2020. You can still sign up HERE for lifetime access to the video replay, free audio gifts, handout and bonus Q&A video.

Parent TV

ParentTV offers hundreds of on-demand videos and courses
to support the parenting and care of children from birth to teens.

Feel more confident and connected with access to reliable advice on a wide range of topics from Australia and the world’s leading parenting and educational experts (myself included!).

You can now access reliable advice on a wide range of topics from leading parenting and educational experts in Australia and beyond, all in one place.

To find out more, head to

ABC Kids Early Education

I’m delighted to collaborate with the ABC Early Education Team. Have you checked out their website yet? It has a range of helpful resources for educators – reflective journals, curriculum links, written resources and more…

Here’s the link:

And HERE is a list of helpful resources available for families in lockdown.

Kindly note, only resources and projects in which Dr Kaylene Henderson has been involved in are included on this page. Please do not send unsolicited requests for added articles or links. Thank you for your understanding.

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