Course 2: Complete Trauma Course for Early Childhood Educators

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Sadly, many children in early education settings have experienced relational trauma. The impact of this can be widely felt, yet there is little guidance for educators on how they can help.

Introducing Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson’s complete trauma course in which you can explore this topic in depth and discover the many practical ways in which you can aid children’s healing.

Much like in the condensed trauma masterclass, you will learn about the impact of trauma on the developing brain, the ways in which trauma might present in your centre context and practical ways in which you can help children heal, but in this complete course, you will explore these topics in greater depth. You will also learn how to help at-risk and vulnerable families and walk through practical case discussions (not covered within the masterclass), so that you feel more confident and empowered to put your new knowledge into practice.


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Dr Kaylene Henderson is passionate about sharing practical, research based advice to help you feel more calm and confident while raising kind, resilient and socially and emotionally healthy children.

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