Pack 2: Supporting Children Through Relationship Disruptions, Grief and Loss, and Natural Disasters

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This highly regarded pack has been developed by Dr Kaylene Henderson for the immediate support and guidance of your educators and families following a critical incident or accident in your centre.

This pack includes short, practically-focused videos for educators covering three important topics and can be viewed separately, as needed:

  • Supporting children’s emotions through relationship disruptions (including those caused by current staffing challenges) (7.5 minute video)
  • Talking to children about grief and loss (6.5 minute video)
  • Talking to children about natural disasters (6.5 minute video)

In addition to these videos, you will gain access to:

  • Printable tip sheets for educators on each of the above topics
  • Printable tip sheets for parents on each of the above topics
  • Activity and picture book suggestions for use in your centre on the topics of grief/bereavement and natural disasters
  • Recommended resources (including weblinks and organisational support) for children and families

Want to learn more?

Dr Kaylene Henderson is passionate about sharing practical, research based advice to help you feel more calm and confident while raising kind, resilient and socially and emotionally healthy children.

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