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Speech and Language Development and Delays in Young Children

Children are learning to communicate with us even from birth and their understanding of language begins soon after. Speech and language development plays a critical role in children’s social development, their behaviour, their learning of early literacy skills and in the development of their self-esteem. How you can encourage your child’s speech and language development: […]

Screen Time Recommendations for Infants and Young Children

Media use in preschoolers and school-aged children has been linked in studies to health problems, language delays, attention issues, aggressive behaviour and sleep difficulties. There have been fewer research studies in children under the age of two, but concerns exist about the potential for greater negative effects. Given there are no known benefits of media […]

Talking With Children About Body Safety

Just as we teach children about road safety and ‘stranger danger’, it’s important to teach our children about body safety. Statistically, children are at greater risk of sexual abuse than being hit by a car or abducted by a stranger. Yet this is a subject which parents are often reluctant to approach with their children. […]

Talking With Young Children About Death

Has your child experienced the death of a loved one? Helping a young child to understand and deal with death can be challenging for parents. Here are some tips that you might find helpful when speaking with your young child about death: It’s important to speak with your child honestly, using age-appropriate language. Be careful […]

Helping Toddlers Bond With New Baby Siblings

Siblings are such an incredible gift for young children yet strangely toddlers don’t always seem to appreciate these gifts as much as we think they should. In fact I’m sure many toddlers sometimes wish they could ‘re-gift’ their new baby siblings. Sometimes it’s difficult to have empathy for how massive this life change is, especially […]

Talking With Children About Separation and Divorce

Parental separation and divorce is increasingly common and inevitably impacts on all family members. Children, particularly young ones, can become frightened, confused and worried that they are somehow responsible. Talking to your child about divorce and separation can be very difficult. Here are some tips that you might find helpful when speaking with your child […]

Expert Tips for Childhood Tics

Child Psychiatrist Advice for Tics in Children Does your child incessantly sniff? Have a cough with no cause? Blink or twitch for no reason? It might be that your child has a tic. But before you go checking his hairline for a small burrowing insect, read on for all you need to know about childhood […]